Basic Investment Rules to Remember

You may be in a position to earn enough money to lead a comfortable life at the moment but that may not be the case as you get older and this is where investments come in to play. You may also require certain lump sums throughout your life for buying your house, for your children’s education. Starting to make investments with these expenses in mind is the way to go and will make sure that you ensure the financial security of your family.


The key is to make the right investment at the right time. Some people may think that this is a difficult thing to achieve but the simple truth is that it can be accomplished by following certain time tested rules.

One of the basic rules of investing is that you should make sure that the money that you invest comes from your surplus funds and not from your emergency money. Investments carry some amount of risk and you should not keep pumping money into an investment until you become broke when the market takes a turn for the downside. Remember to keep self discipline while investing.

If you want to take the advice from someone else or want to entrust someone else with your money, make sure that you choose that person wisely. Check out the background and the track record of the financial advisor that you are approaching. It is much easier and safer to seek the assistance of a professional rather than to make the jump yourself. Even if the basic rules of sound investing are simple enough, the actual technical expertise is beyond most people. Even some of the so called experts are just out here to make a quick buck by using other people’s money.

Invest long term. Instead of looking to make a quick buck, try to build up a systematic investment habit. This will help you make much bigger gains in the long run and will give you much better returns. You may have to wait some years before the investments become mature but they will be all the more sweeter for it. Once you place your funds in long term investments, you should forget about this money in the short term. You should not use the funds that are locked in a good investment for other uses. If you are well disciplined, you will stand to gain more.

Your investment portfolio should always be well balanced. This means that you should not put all your eggs in one basket. Risk diversification is the name of the game and if done properly, it will ensure that you will not lose even if something bad happens. For example, a well balanced portfolio should have investments in high growth stocks, debt and equity mutual funds, some investments in return guaranteed bonds and debt instruments, and other fixed annuities. Making sure that no one area contains a disproportionate amount will go a long way towards reducing risk.

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